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wood duck

“August” the Wood Duck (Part 1)

(Republished from Help Wild Birds Newsletter) It takes a village sometimes to save and rehab birds. On June 18th two people were kayaking on the Roanoke River and saw something weird looking along the shore. They paddled over to see what it was and found a young duckling tangled in fishing line, just dangling, trapped in some branches. It also had a small fish hook in its bill which they gently removed. They called me and we decided that the…

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The Curious Birder: Stretch Your Bird Food Budget

Published in The Roanoke Star November 25, 2013 I feed birds all year round, but this winter I will need to put out more feeders. Why? Remember the crazy weather we had this year? I don’t know about you, but my flower and vegetable gardens were not very productive, and my oak trees did not fare any better. With the lack of acorns and seed heads, birds will be relying more on my feeders and emptying them out sooner. So…

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The Curious Birder: Intervene or Put Me Back

Published in The Roanoke Star March 24, 2014 I received a call about a robin’s nest that fell down twice from a gutter. The frustrated homeowner put the babies in what was left of the nest, placed the nest on a table on her deck and called me wanting to know what to do. As we were talking, she saw an adult robin with a mouthful of worms feed the babies in the new location. We worked out a plan…

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The Curious Birder: Ducks Don’t Bake

Published in The Roanoke Star January 7, 2014 For some people it’s a family tradition to take their kids to the local pond or river and feed bread to the ducks and geese that congregate there. Arriving with a bag of stale bread the ducks and geese approach you eagerly, anxiously waiting for a handout. It is a way to interact with wildlife, and seems harmless since the birds did eat the bread. Yes, I must confess, I’m guilty; I…

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