Help Wild Birds is located in Roanoke, Virginia and is the only wildlife rehabilitator in the Roanoke Valley solely dedicated to birds.

Our organization’s purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned, injured or displaced wild birds. We provide birds with medical care and sanctuary with the goal of returning them back into the wild. If they cannot be returned to the wild, we try to find a permitted facility where they can spend the rest of their life and be enjoyed by the public. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization holds Category II state and federal bird permits and works with a local veterinarian who specializes in birds.

We also educate the public about wild birds and provide guidance for a better co-existence through workshops and programs. We protect wild birds by disseminating information to public groups and individuals about the importance of saving wild birds and conserving their habitat.

About Maureen Eiger

Maureen Eiger is the founder and Director of Help Wild Birds, Roanoke’s only nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation organization that exclusively rehabs migratory birds.

As a State and Federally Permitted Bird Rehabber Maureen has been rehabbing various species of birds and presenting programs for 20 years. She has been a contributing writer to the North American Bluebird Society Journal, The Roanoke Star Newspaper, various Audubon and bird club newsletters and the blog 10,000 Birds.

Hand-rearing Birds

Maureen is the author of one of the new chapters and co-author of another chapter in Hand-Rearing Birds, Second Edition edited by Rebecca Duerr and Laurie Gage. She receives hundreds of calls a year from bird rehabbers / people from all over the country asking for advice to solve their “bird problems” or answer bird related questions.

Maureen is an avid birder and previously a Virginia Bluebird Society Board Member and Vice President of the Roanoke Valley Bird Club. She enjoys teaching bird rehab and non-rehab bird programs to various groups and networking with other bird rehabbers across North America.

You can say Maureen’s passion in life is very “birdy.”