What to Do

Found a Baby Bird?

If you find an orphaned hatchling or nestling bird, it must be kept warm. Please DO NOT feed it or give it water. The most important action to take is to keep the bird warm until you can get it to a permitted bird rehabber.

found a baby birdHow can you tell which birds need supplemental heat to stay warm? If you can see the bird’s skin, it needs to be kept warm.

A bird’s chance of survival decreases if it is not kept warm and remains cold to the touch. Birds that just have down or fuzz and are naked need their mother to keep them warm and incubate them. You can be that mother.

Use a microwaved rick sock or a heating pad set on LOW, or break open a “hot hands” pack. Place the bird in a tissue-lined cup and put the cup on top of the heat source. Next, call your local rehabilitation center. Check the bird’s temperature. Its body should feel warm, like a child with a fever.

Following these directions can help save the bird’s life.


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