How to Save a Baby Bird

How to Save a Baby Bird

First, if you find an orphaned baby bird, it needs to be kept warm.

How can you tell which birds need supplemental heat to stay warm? If you can see any of the bird’s skin – it needs to be kept warm. If they are not kept warm and stay cold to the touch, their chances of surviving are reduced. Birds that just have down/fuzz and are naked need a “mom” to keep them warm and incubate them. You can be that “mom.”

What to do: Use a microwaved rice sock, a heating pad set on low, or break open a hot hands pack. Place the bird (or birds) in a tissue-lined cup and place it on top of the heat source. Then, call your local bird rehabilitation facility right away.

Until you’re able to hand your baby bird over to a licensed rehabber, periodically check on the birds’ temperature. Their little bodies should feel warm, like a child with a fever.

Please do not feed or give them water. Simply keeping the bird warm will help keep it alive longer, so you can call a bird rehabber for further instructions.

Save a bird’s life by following these steps.