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prevent car collisions with birds

Mini Lesson: Prevent Bird-Car Collisions

This red-tailed hawk was probably hit by a vehicle while scavenging a meal near the side of the road. It was found paralyzed, but still alive near a dead rabbit. The hawk was brought to me by someone who cared enough to stop when they saw the poor hawk using its wings to move. Unfortunately for the hawk, it was fatally injured, but at least it did not have to suffer at the side of the road. If you find…

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how to care for a baby bird

Mini Lesson: How to Save a Baby Bird

First, if you find an orphaned baby bird, it needs to be kept warm. How can you tell which birds need supplemental heat to stay warm? If you can see any of the bird’s skin – it needs to be kept warm. If they are not kept warm and stay cold to the touch, their chances of surviving are reduced. Birds that just have down/fuzz and are naked need a “mom” to keep them warm and incubate them. You can…

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wood ducks

“August” the Wood Duck (Part 2)

(Republished from Help Wild Birds Newsletter) Last month, I wrote about how “August “the wood duck came into rehab because she was injured, caught in fishing line on the Roanoke River. Now that August had successfully “grown up” I took her to RVBC member Carol Whiteside’s home to be released back into the wild in her pond. Carol had seen wood ducks there before. In fact there was a mother woodie and her family already there. This is the rest…

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